Since 2010, we have helped nearly 3,000 international students get acclimated to the United States. We strive to ensure that international students grow to love Gainesville and UF as much as we do.


Our Mission

Traveling abroad can be an experience of a lifetime, but it can also be intimidating. Living in a new place alone and having to adapt to brand new customs can be frightening for many exchange students. Luckily, UF NaviGators International is here to help you transition into American culture and meet new friends along the way! Our organization is dedicated to helping international students meet new friends (both from the United States and other countries), experience new places, and have a ton of fun! We also help American students experience new cultures, be mindful of world events, and meet people from around the world!

Our Program's Goals

  • Make international students’ experiences in this country as fun and exciting as possible by giving them an insider’s glimpse into American culture through excursions, local events, intramurals, and more
  • Creating fundamental connections between the students of Gator Nation

  • Establish mentorships between international student with American mentors

  • Create lasting friendships and great memories!


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