2019-2020 Executive Board



Ani Aghabekyan


Ani is a fourth-year Business and Economics student. She grew up in Yerevan, Armenia, and likes visiting new countries and collecting foreign coins. Her collection consists of currencies of 32 different countries and counting. Her most favorite places to visit are London, her hometown Yerevan and any seafood restaurant. She is a winter person; ice-skating and skiing are her go-to winter activities. If you see her on campus, don’t be afraid to approach her and say hi.




Ashpreet Kaur


Ashpreet is from India, Punjab. She is doing her Ph.D. in Environmental Sociology at UF. You can find her at volleyball courts, swimming pools, and Gator Nights. She is a professional swimmer and sailor. Ashpreet collects shot glasses from places she travels. Other than studying and teaching, she loves dancing and is part of Gator Salsa and Gator Bhangra. Ashpreet also likes learning languages and is currently learning Korean and Spanish. One of her favorite places to go in Gainesville is Gainesville Language Exchange Program at The Midnight


Membership & Matching Chair


Dylan Rein


Dylan is a second-year International Studies major. She is originally from Philadelphia but has found “homes away from home” when she studied abroad in Spain and Denmark, and now in Gainesville as well. If you see Dylan around campus, she’ll probably be practicing salsa dancing moves, looking through endless posts about French Bulldogs, or learning a new language. She’s currently studying German! So if you see her out and about, don’t be afraid to say hi and teach her a few words in your native language!