Joining NaviGators International is easy!

1. sign up for our listserv

In order to be an official member, you need to be added to our listserv. This will allow you to receive all emails from us regarding upcoming events, socials, and important information.  

Click here to sign up for our listserv.

2. join our facebook group

Once you sign up for our listserv, request to join our Facebook group! You will be able to connect with current and past members, discuss plans for travel, ask questions, and learn about events happening within NaviGators and around campus.

Click here to be redirected to our Facebook group.

3. Applying for our Match Program

Our match program is one of the many added benefits of being a member of NaviGators. By filling out our matching application, we will pair American mentors with an International mentee based on common interests and similarities. Mentors will serve as a friend and guide to Gainesville. They will help show their "NaviGatee" around campus, introduce them to new places, and be a resource for them while they are studying abroad.

International Student Application

*If you are an incoming international student who is staying in Gainesville for a semester or a year-long program, click here for the international application.

American/Domestic Student Application

*If you are long-term student who has lived in the United States longer than a year, click here for the American application.